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Cookies are a folder that is downloaded in your computer when you are in some webs. The cookies make possible that a web can save and recover information about the navigation of the user.

The browser saves cookies in the hard disk only during the session. It takes only a few memory so it does not bother the computer.

The cookies do not save any specific personal information, and the most of that are deleted when you log out (session cookies).

Most of the web browser accept the cookies and allow or prevent in the security settings the temporal cookies or the permanent cookies.

If we do not have your express consent –through activating the cookies in your web browser- DRM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY 2004 S.L. will not link the memorized data with your personal data given to us during the log in or during the order.


  • Technical cookies: these allow to the user the navigation through a web site or app, and the use of the different settings and options that the site has. For example, manage the data traffic and the data communication, identify the session, access to some restricted areas, save the different parts in an order and allow the process of buy something in the web. Also, these cookies use some security elements, stock contents for the videos or sounds and share publications on your social media.
  • Customized cookies: These allow to the user access to the services with some characteristics customized thanks to your personal settings. For example, language, your web browser, your regional settings…
  • Analysis cookies: These allow to us quantify the number of the users in the web site. So that we can do a statistical analysis of the use that the users do in the web site. For that, we analyze your navigation in our web site with the purpose to improve the service that we offer you.
  • Advertising cookies: these allow to us and third parties manage the advertising spaces that are in the web site fitting the content with your navigation in our web. For that, we can analyze your habits surfing the internet so we can show you advertisements related with your profile.
  • Third party cookies: This web site can use third parties services that manage the information with statistical purpose. Thanks to that we can offer you some services related with our web site and other services in the Internet.

The user accepts that we manage the information with the purpose that we have explained before. Also, the user assumes that they can refuse this processing of the information through the personal settings.